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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Forty Shades of Pearl (The Pearl Trilogy, #1) - Arianne Richmonde The story-line...not bad. The terminology for body-parts....oy! I could only laugh because no one seriously refers to their lady-parts as a "Venus mound". Ever. Even if she's 8 years old...this woman is 40!! Bahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Okay, okay, for real, review coming soon. I am going to now read this from Alexandre's POV. I know a Frenchman is not going to call his parts anything crazy...I hope! :-)


“My dream is to run through lavender fields, taste the sun on my skin, and be loved forever and ever by this man’s side; this man who has seduced me with his quirky sense of humor, with sex, and now his home-made food, and hints of what could be in the future.”

A girl can dream…

A woman needs to make things happen. Pearl Robinson; a woman who is solely focused on her career, being that is the only thing she has these days. Middle-aged, divorced, and with no hope for the future of her love-life, but promising as a producer for independent films; it seems Pearl’s life is destined to be a lonely one.

That is, until she accidentally meets the man of her dreams. Wait? He’s fifteen years her junior, incredibly handsome, is part of a huge Social Media enterprise, and French! Pearl doesn’t know what hits her when this man approaches her in the coffee shop not even an hour after she misses him (for a business meeting) at a local IT conference. Fate has better plans for Pearl and Alexandre than just a business encounter.

Alexandre is a different breed of man. He has lived more in his short 25 years than most men and women have, life experiences starting at a very young age, and hard-times making him into the man he is now. He has an appreciation for women, seasoned women; women who have lived…not a girl who does nothing but hang on his every word. Pearl is that woman, and what’s more, she’s American. The American woman who will change Alexandre in ways he never realized.

Oh, what a ride they are in for!

“What about French women? Do you see a difference there?”…He ponders this. “Not so much the women themselves, but people’s attitudes towards them. In America, youth is worshipped. In France we love WOMEN. Girls are for boys. Women are for men. At least, I speak for myself. I am attracted to women, not girls.”

I won’t tell you there isn’t a complication in this dynamic between a young man and older woman…but this story just works. Alexandre and Pearl share a connection despite outside influences and obstacles. Aside from the very comical names used for Pearl’s “lady-parts”, I enjoyed the story. I am looking forward to finding out the rest of the story…Alexandre is a prideful, strong, Frenchman. Pearl is a beautiful, insecure, American woman. Wondering if they can really get past all that stands in their way.

**3.5 Cougar-Lust Stars**