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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Saint Kate of the Cupcake: The Dangers of Lust and Baking - L.C. Fenton Smh....completely dumbfounded. What.The.Hell was that ending? I'm so confused...please tell me there is more to this story. Review to come on 8/21 for my tour stop.

Full Review:

Losing a loved one is never easy. Losing a loved one and then losing everyone else is even harder. That is what happens to Nicki. Physically, everyone is present; mentally, they have mostly checked out…even her.

“I made it home without crying—probably because I was too agitated. When I got inside my room, I sighed; things were really over and done with. I doubted he would speak to me again. I curled up on my bed, clutching a pillow to my chest as reality set in. The fact was, I desperately wanted to speak with someone—about the accident, about missing Lauren, or how Mom was doing and Dad was reacting….Lisa and Rachel felt it was their job to shield me from all things painful. Mom—well, she just wouldn’t talk at all. And Dad had been so withdrawn to begin with that he was useless. So although I spent time with some people and kept relatively busy, I was lonely. Adam had been a nice distraction in a way. Now, I had no one.”

I can’t imagine what life could be like for a young girl who survives such tragedy only to be alone. I really felt Nicki’s heartbreaking story. But that isn’t just what this is about…this is a story of love. A story of how opposites attract, how no matter where life takes you, there are just some things worth holding onto. I really had no idea what I was getting into when I started this book. At some times through the story, I still didn’t know where things were headed or how it would all play out.

Adam both pulled my heartstrings and completely pissed me off. And Nicki, she is so afraid of losing again, she stops living and taking chances. I watched as not only their relationship formed and blossomed, but how the relationship with Nicki and her parents changed. (That was one of my favorite things about this book—it shows that no good deed goes unpunished and that everyone deserves a little forgiveness).

I did, however, fall for Nicki and Adam; and their difficult, yet beautiful beginning. I only hope there is more to their story; the epilogue…skip it for as long as you can. That is the only part of the book that left me truly confused. I know it takes place 10+ years later (and from Adam’s POV) but I didn’t know how it really fit in with the story. I can guess it is because it sets us up for what will come next, set in present day; but it really kind of soured the sweet sadness at the end of this book. I look forward to seeing where the author is headed.

**3.5 Long-Distance Doesn’t Last Stars**