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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Torn (Torn, #1) - K.A. Robinson “Whatever you want to believe, but trust me, I’m a guy, I know that look. It’s the I want in her panties look.”

Having a hot best friend can’t be all bad, can it? Chloe certainly doesn’t think so. Logan has been one of her best friends since high school and now they are lucky enough (along with their other BFF Amber) to attend West Virginia University together as well. Co-ed dorms are the best! *smiles* With Logan on the floor above her and Amber below her, Chloe is convinced she may actually be on time to something for a change (she is notoriously late). Honestly, despite her childhood, Chloe has it pretty good now.

Walking into class on the first day (which she was almost late for), Chloe’s life will change and she doesn’t even see it coming. All she sees is a tall, dark, and dangerous guy with piercings and tattoos sitting close by and she is immediately drawn to him. Drake Allen.

“There was no room for Drake or any guy in my plans and I liked it that way, yet he kept shoving in without even realizing it. I decided then and there, since I couldn’t ignore the fact that I already had feelings for Drake, that I would just let the cards fall where they may and pray I left with my heart still intact in the end.”

How does a girl choose? Afraid to lose her very best friend and at the same time, keep her heart intact over a whirlwind beginning of a relationship with someone else…I don’t envy Chloe at all.

On one hand, she has Logan; he knows her past, held her when she’s needed him, and has always been there (being extremely gorgeous doesn’t hurt either). On the other, she has Drake; he’s a complete opposite to Logan and he too, is gorgeous. He isn’t the type of guy you settle down with, he’s a bad boy; destined to break her heart because he too is damaged. But Drake & Logan do have one thing in common…they both want Chloe.

Torn is a great title for this book! I absolutely loved how my feelings were pushed and pulled in every direction with Chloe, Logan and Drake. The way I was kept enthralled with this book was not just because of the triangle (although, let’s admit, that’s a HUGE plus for me), or angst in the characters (another plus); it was the individual stories of each person. I love a good back-story and a way to feel connected to each character. It’s like they are my friends and I am right there, living in the story with them. I guess when reading, that is what I always look for in some way…I found it with Torn. I look forward to finding out what happens next (because my third plus—cliffhanger) in Twisted!

**4.5 Can’t I Have Both Stars**

Title provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.