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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Breaking (Escorted, #1.5) - Claire Kent “I think everyone is broken. In some way. It’s just part of being human.”

Ander has some issues. As sexy as he is, he is definitely broken. With his past and now future staring him in the face, it takes everything he has to keep it together.

Devastating news comes to Ander while he is away and because he just needs some comfort of home, he leaves early and returns to his fiancée, Lori. But Ander is having trouble sharing what is really bothering him with the one woman he has vowed to love forever…so instead he pushes to be closer to her on a physical level because he knows it will keep her from asking too many questions. Ander didn’t count on the fact that Lori knows him like no other and can read him like a book.

“So, maybe you can’t be perfect and broken at the same time…but you’re perfect for me.”

Lori knows something is up and no matter how she tries, Ander pushes her away. Insecurities run high on both sides of their relationship and when Lori finally voices her concerns in a way Ander understands; he sees that by trying to “protect” her from his demons, he’s hurting her more by not letting her in.

Relationships take work; communication as well as other forms of intimacy.

Sharing his heartaches and troubles aren’t easy, but he does it and the bond that Ander thought was strong…becomes unbreakable.

“The dawn would come eventually, and what was broken could mend.”

Short. Sweet. Real.

Definitely a couple I enjoyed reading about and I look forward to more from Claire Kent. If you haven’t read Escorted, do so first! This is continuation of Ander and Lori’s story and may give away spoilers to the first book.

For me: Ander has way too many insecurities for the past he has…and Lori is one awesome female. She is strong (even if she can’t understand how someone like Ander would want her) and beautiful. She is independent and I love when I can read about a woman that supports her man instead of always the other way around. What a nice change of pace.

**4 Sensitive Male Stars**

Title provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.