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2013 Reading Challenge
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Take Me Back - Kelli Maine “I collapse on top of your rising and falling chest and close my eyes. Nothing matters but the feel of your warm skin under my cheek and the sound of you heart pounding in my ear.”

Rachel & Merrick are happy. No matter how they began, they are happy now; except there is someone who needs their help, someone who has passed a long time ago but has yet to move on…

Ingrid is trapped at West Plantation and wants nothing more than to return to her home, Turtle Tear Island. Rachel and Merrick have moved to Turtle Tear and are getting ready for their first large celebration; a vowel renewal and 50th Wedding Anniversary for a wonderful couple along with family and friends. So why can’t Rachel concentrate on the party instead of Ingrid? There is a connection to her that Rachel can’t let go and even if she loses the man she loves, Rachel is determined to get Ingrid back to Turtle Tear.

“You have to drop this irrational obsession. It’s causing problems.”

While Rachel is hell-bent on helping Ingrid’s spirit find rest, Merrick takes more convincing. Because he refuses to listen with an open mind to Rachel, she closes herself off to him pushing them further apart. Being that Merrick isn’t good with relationships, he pushes right back; sending Rachel home to visit her mother. This isn’t met without a fight but Rachel doesn’t want to lose Merrick so she will do what he asks in order to give them both the time they need to sort their feelings out.

After a few days, Merrick and Rachel both know where their hearts are…Turtle Tear Island. Merrick just needed a little push (by none other than Ingrid herself) to see that Rachel isn’t crazy or obsessed and can actually help to bring Ingrid back to her own peaceful resting place. Upon returning home together, words of wisdom are shared and a gift is received.

Remember this:

“The candle enclosed was the unity candle that burned at our wedding ceremony fifty years ago. Our minister told us whenever one of us needed to talk to the other, to light it and leave it burning on the dresser, then the other would know it was time to listen with an open heart and mind…”

Life is all about growth and change. When you have a partner in which to share that journey with, hold on. Remember to always listen as much as you speak. Keep your ears, eyes, and heart open. Life is tough, be the soft place for the other to land when needed. I loved the message of this book. I did not like the point of view and how it seemed like the author was writing a letter to her lover (but with dialog). I did however, get used to it and although different, I don’t think the story suffered much. I will definitely be checking more out by this author…maybe I should go back and start from the beginning!

*Book provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

**4 Give & Take Stars**