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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Finding Colin Firth - Mia March **ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reveiw.**

“I have a birth mother. Her name is Veronica Russo. She lives in a place called Boothbay Harbor, Maine.”

One year has passed since Bea Crane lost her mom. A letter arrives written by her mom; a confession that rocks Bea’s entire world. No longer knowing who she is or what to think, Bea sets out on a journey to find answers to questions she never believed she would have…

“People will come and go from your life for all kinds of acceptable and crappy reasons…So you’ve got to be your own best friend, know who you are, and never let anyone tell you you’re something you know you’re not.”

Veronica Russo has finally come back to Boothbay Harbor after twenty-two years in hopes of facing her past and starting fresh. Working at the local diner and being a legend for her famous “elixir” pies, Veronica seems to be heading in the right direction. Though she never married, her heart being closed off at a young age; one day she hoped she would find the one man who would be her everything, her Colin Firth. She never had children…except the six pound baby girl she gave up when she was sixteen, but the hope hasn’t completely died there either. She keeps her information current so that if her daughter were to ever come looking, Veronica could be found.

“What a beautiful story of coming full circle it would be.”

Gemma Hendricks loves the city. Living in New York has always been a dream of hers and her husband, Alex. Now, his dreams have changed and Gemma can’t take the constant tension in their upscale NYC apartment. Getting shocking news, losing her job and hearing her husband talk about moving to the suburbs leaves Gemma feeling lost. Deciding she needs time, she leaves; escaping to her childhood vacation spot where she can just breathe. Meeting up with old friends also helps, and with a celebrity in town, maybe an interview would help get her life and career back on track…little did she know that her heartstrings would pull her into a story that could very well hit too close to home.

Can Gemma work her literary magic in order to bring mother and daughter together? Can she face her own new reality too? Can Bea make a future with her unknown past? Can Veronica really face what she’s been running from all this time…and what is in those pies?

What a breath of fresh air! I loved this book! Reading any story from multiple points of view always intrigues me and keeps me glued to the pages. Finding Colin Firth was no exception. I loved how each woman had her own separate story and backstory (which were wonderfully described and placed) and yet how they all intertwined. I laughed and I cried. The bonds that were forged and lessons learned truly touched my heart. Beautifully written and I absolutely look forward to reading more from Mia March.

**4.5 Feel-Good Stars**