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When I'm not performing my duties as a mother, wife, trainer, taxi-driver, tutor, or chef, I read. I have a foul mouth (which I try to filter--but most of the time, fail), and I love to write. 

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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Vanessa has completed her goal of reading 102 books in 2013!
The Alpha Alternative: JZB Sex Scene - Karen Marie Moning Holy f*cking sh*t! That was probably one of the hottest scenes I have ever read...or maybe it's because it's Barrons' POV. WOW. Just wow.

I'm not telling you anymore except his mindset is front and center (and he hates KMM for making him do this) and he makes sure we all know "what really happened."

Go to her website and spend the $2 on this...it's short but OH SO WORTH IT!

I will be re-reading this entire series before the summer is out.

**5 I will take him every which way Stars*