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2013 Reading Challenge
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Shady Cove: New Girl in Town - Ava Catori *title given by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.*

"A country boy will come up on you all sweet like honey, smooth and charming, and before you know it, he's a cobra wrapped between your thighs."

Jenna Birch has been shipped off to Shady Cove, North Carolina. After her brother's death, her parents just couldn't deal so she was uprooted from everything she knew in California and sent to spend the summer with her aunt on the other side of the country. Not knowing what to expect in a sleepy little town, Jenna's attitude was less than stellar.

Upon arrival, she meets her cousin, Grace (who is also not thrilled about her visit) whom she is to share a room with. Because Grace is forced to hang with Jenna (even if Jenna is content to stay holed-up inside all summer), she decides to take her to party...

Meeting people is not something Jenna really likes to do. Naturally shy and silently judging everyone around her for being simple little hicks, Jenna is introduced to just about everyone...but not by Grace. Local boy, Benji Preston, has set his sights on Jenna. Even though Grace is head-over-heels and Jenna is definitely not interested in anything romantic, Benji is a nice guy. Soon, Jenna realizes she looks forward to spending time with him more and more.

"This sleepy little town had captured her attention, or at least a particular boy who lived in the sleepy little town had. Benji Preston had Jenna questioning her future plans, and going back to California."

Everyone has baggage, I get it. I even understand the message that was being conveyed. What I didn't get about this book is how it was written in both first and third person...or at least read that way for me. It felt very choppy and the dialog was very confusing at times. The story-line was good, and even a little sad, but the execution was lacking. I didn't hate it and I did finish it (because lets face it, I still wanted to know how it ended), but I was disappointed. I felt like it was a little juvenile in text and format, with the way things were worded (and repeated...often). I would not recommend this title, but I do want to see if anything more comes from this author. She has potential to be very good, maybe even great, but this is not one of those books.

**2.5 Sleepy-little stars**