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2013 Reading Challenge
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Grasping at Eternity - Karen Amanda Hooper ARC provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review:

“If you love someone, put their name in a circle; because hearts can be broken, but circles never end.” -Anonymous

Maryah and Michael had the perfect family; a mom and dad who were madly in love, both with them and each other. Everything is as it should be until one night, tragedy strikes and Maryah not only lives through it, but thanks to her gift of memory, she remembers it all…especially him.

“No, death is a gorgeous movie-star angel man that rides a motorcycle and sat beside you at the hospital.”

Maryah doesn’t know why and honestly thinks she’s gone a little crazy when she moves to Sedona to live with her godmother, Louise, and family. Everyone acts as though they’ve known her forever, claiming her as family; talking about people Maryah has never even met…and Nathanial. Nathanial is Louise’s son and in this lifetime (same as every life before) he’s Maryah’s soul mate, her twin flame. Of course she doesn’t know that. Having not even met him yet, she’s dreamt of him many times. It’s not until a trip to Colorado when she comes face to face with her angel of death; the feelings are so overwhelming she passes out. But remember him, them together, she does not. Maryah has erased; she chose at the end of her last life to forget. She’s a clean slate and Nathanial is devastated.

“That was a soul-shattering issue. I saw nothing inside her. No flicker of the depthless light in her eyes, no trace of the soul I had loved for centuries. She had let go of our eternity, and I couldn’t stop grasping onto the memory of who she used to be.”

So, how do you make someone who has an uncanny ability to remember everything, remember something or someone she has chosen to forget? Despite their efforts and heartbreak, all a girl really needs is her mother…and someone who can relay the message.

“Every soul is a story shelved away in an infinite library in the sky.”

This book started out slow with a lot happening and too many different characters to keep track of. There was terminology that I had to “figure out” because they pertain to the story (not the dictionary) which made it hard to follow. Once I got past all of that, everything seemed to just click. It flowed beautifully (even with a constant change in POV), I truly didn’t want it to end. The tale of soul mates and past lives is absolutely fascinating—lovers who transcend lifetimes and continuously seek one another out is the epitome of romance. I’m a sucker for an epic romance. I love that Nathanial and his family fought so hard for Maryah to come back to them as she had been in previous lives. I liked the element of suspense coming from someone wanting to destroy connections and use these ancient gifts to their evil advantage. I loved how the end comes full circle in a sense…it was magical, mystical, heartbreaking and renewing all in one. I cannot wait for the next book: Taking Back Forever due out this year.

**4 Soul-Saving Stars**