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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Enslaved - Shoshanna Evers Advanced Copy provided by the Publisher via NetGalley.

"'So,' she said, 'you get me to move into your house, and by choosing to stay here I'm also choosing to be your sex-slave, but you're asking me if you can date me? The logic doesn't flow.' 'Well, it does to me. This relationship is going to have to happen backward.'" --Enslaved

Elisabeth is a strong-willed, beautiful submissive who before now has only known a specific kind of D/s relationship, one without being in love with ones partner. Her former Master wants more for himself and her, but with different people. So, off she goes, scared and unsure of how her life will play out in the care of a new Dominant.

Trevor is part of a trio known as the BAD Boys, and he has his eye on Elisabeth. Not knowing how to handle feelings he didn't expect to have, especially after a failed marriage with a woman who thought he was damaged, Trevor takes Elisabeth into his home in hopes of finding out what life would be like in a relationship where both parties want the same things...or do they?

Trevor & Elisabeth have different ideas of how things will work, she craves pain and he just wants to love. After trying to train this woman to submit just for the pleasure of submitting, and failing, Trevor enlists the help of his best friend & business partner, Roman. Oh Roman, dark, heartless Roman...

Roman accepts this challenge because hey, he's the perpetual bachelor. He doesn't want a relationship but loves the lifestyle. He takes Elisabeth to train with the intention of making her suitable for Trevor...until his feelings get involved. He's never met anyone like Elisabeth.

"'Yes, sir.' The look in his eyes...she knew that look. Desire. Lust. But there was something else there, something she had only seen in herself when she looked at other happy couples and wondered if she'd ever be loved that way, or able to love back. Envy."

So, who does she pick? Love or pain? Dark or light? She has to make the hardest choice of her life, submit to love for the pain, or to pain for the love...but can her heart handle it if they choose their friendship over being with her.

One of the best love triangles I have read! I could not put it down and was enraptured from the very first chapter. I cannot wait to read the next two installments of this trilogy. What a great way to experience erotica, from a submissive's point of view as well as from two sexy Dominants who have completely different ways of training subs...but exactly the same taste. Thank you Ms. Evers for this story...it was entirely too short! All of the best books usually are!