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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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The Road to Price - Justine Elvira
“I hope one day I can go back. I pray that one day I am strong enough to move past the painful events in my life. I hope one day that I can wake up with the urge to live. I know that is what he would want.”

Mia wants away from her small Georgia town and every painful memory it holds. Miami seems like as good a place as any to start over. Hundreds of miles away from her past, Mia works three jobs to survive. She doesn’t mind though, especially the physical labor; it keeps her from thinking too much. Problem is, she’s exhausted and the temp agency just found her yet another job. This one is different though. It’s a live-in, permanent position, that is if she can survive the interview with Sebastian Price; one of the most wealthy (and sexy) businessmen in Miami.

“When I finished signing the final page I handed it over to him. Our hands touched…”You felt that too. I know you did.”…I took a deep breath before responding, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

As Mia moves into her new position at the Price estate, she notices that she is not like the other employees; not leggy, or blonde, or bombshell-underwear model looking. So, why did she get the job if she clearly doesn’t fit Sebastian’s obvious type of woman, or employee? She can’t deny the connection they have, but getting close to him is terrifying. He brings something out in her that she didn’t think she’d ever feel…lust.

“I wasn’t going to be one of those girls. I had more respect for myself than that. I must look like a total slut. I met him this morning and by dinner I was ready to have sex with him on the dining room table. Classy Mia.”

Sebastian sees something she doesn’t and will do whatever it takes to have her. Mia is the itch that he needs to scratch. She is different alright, and one botched late-night run-in has him willing to change his entire lifestyle just to get closer to her. Knowing her secrets is par for the course but Sebastian wants her to trust him enough to share everything; be open to him in more than just a sexual way…even if it means no sex, just friendship. He would earn the rest.

“I knew then that I might actually have a chance with you…and I wanted a chance with you…so badly. So I told you we could be friends and over the next several weeks I got to get to know you and I loved everything about you.”

She’s scarred and he’s just the balm she needs in order to heal. Her painful past is becoming easier to bear every day they are together but life is messy and theirs is no exception. When new challenges arise, she runs…

WHAT?!?! She gets the guy, he changes his life for her and she leaves? Talk about your cliffhanger ending…I hope the next book comes out soon, the suspense of what Price does next is killing me! The Road to Price looks to be long and windy one…strap on your seatbelt for one intriguing ride.

**4 More than Money Stars**