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2013 Reading Challenge
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Spellbound - Emmie Dark Review: Spellbound by Emmie Dark
Advance copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

“Magics weave to bring dreams to life.”

Belle is a witch, stemmed from generations of witches before her. She has a good life—she’s attractive, successful, well off financially, all without magic. Why? Well, Bell isn’t a very good witch; she’s quite terrible actually…or at least that’s what she thinks.

“He was more than capable of rendering her speechless with his mere presence.”

Nick, Belle’s gorgeous neighbor, has been the object of her lust since he moved into the building. When he looks at her, she almost thinks he’s interested…but no words ever come out of his mouth to solidify her thoughts. There is something much more powerful than he, keeping them apart…and Nick is about to become much more than just a friendly hello in the elevator lift.

“’Belle, it’s important. Are you a witch? Because I think someone has cast a spell on you.’”

When Belle is feeling confident and good about herself (and where things could go with Nick), or holding the mysterious green stone, Nick can speak freely; can explore her body without the feeling of dread or pain. But when Belle gets down on herself, becomes insecure, unsure or frightened, Nick feels everything tenfold. They are connected…and a spell has been cast to keep them apart. Is it Nick or Belle? Someone is Spellbound…

This story was quirky and cute. The characters were likable and the roles played throughout the story were good. The sub-characters were a great addition and kept me smiling. It was a well-written, fast, easy read with what seemed like one really long love scene (not complaining). But that was pretty much it…I can’t explain it. There was not much of a back-story for either main character so it lacked the depth I am used to. The story is complete and I would recommend it for anyone who wants little sprinkle of fantasy in their beach-read.

3.5 Stars