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When I'm not performing my duties as a mother, wife, trainer, taxi-driver, tutor, or chef, I read. I have a foul mouth (which I try to filter--but most of the time, fail), and I love to write. 

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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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The Future of Our Past (The Remembrance Trilogy, #1) - Kahlen Aymes WTF?!? That's HOW this ends!!



“I wanted her, but I wanted to make love to her, not just screw in some weak moment. I needed her body. As my friend, she was the most important person in my world, and I wasn’t about to screw that up.”

Ryan Matthews and Julia Abbott have been best friends since freshman year in college. The share everything…except how they feel for each other. When their lives start to drift in different directions; Ryan to Harvard Medical School in Boston and Julia to work for a publisher in Los Angeles, it becomes all too clear that they really need to discuss the topic of one four letter word…love. Neither wants to admit their true feelings in fear that they won’t be reciprocated or that they will lose the dynamic of their friendship.

“I’m completely…and utterly in love with you.” My eyes widened and my heart raced so fast I felt like I would die. “Night and day, you’re all I think about. I miss my best friend, but I want so much more with you. From the moment we met, you’ve had me…captivated. It feels amazing to finally be able to say the words…” “I love you too, Ryan. So much. For what feels like forever.”

So here begins Ryan and Julia’s journey of life, love, and self-discovery…it’s not easy, but so worth it. The long distance relationship they pursue has its challenges but the love Ryan and Julia share is nothing short of epic. Moving closer to one another sounds good in theory but even with Julia relocating across the country to be closer to Ryan, she’s still two hundred miles away in New York. Its better, but not the best, but they make it work and despite the distance, grow closer and closer.

An unexpected surprise causes Julia to take pause in her own dreams (dreams change, and hers took an extreme left turn). In hopes of being with Ryan to share her change of heart in person, Julia hops a train to Boston, but she never gets to share anything at all…

“You deserve whatever I decide to give you and I wasn’t to give you everything. Just don’t forget to remember me, and we’ll be okay. Don’t forget how much I love you…”

What a way to start a series! Kahlen had me hanging on her every word…and Ryan, wow. That man is the epitome of the perfect boyfriend. I fell in love with not just him but Julia as well. Reading this book was like watching a movie, it played out so well and left me crying at the end, as all great books/movies do. I was so upset, and luckily didn’t have to be kept in suspense long because I picked up the next book right away. This is one trilogy that will stay with me…and it all started with The Future of Our Past.

**5 Don’t Forget Me Stars**