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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Stay - Jennifer Silverwood
“I don’t know if purely romantic love can last through anything (it is so based on feelings and attraction, both of which are pretty fickle at times), but I think friendship can, and when the romantic love and friendship get blurred together into one, it makes ‘relationship cement’ I think.” –Kate

Orona, the beautiful being of time long lost. Two thousand years is a long time to be “stuck.” Cursed to walk the earth and solidify the bonds of true love when she herself can feel nothing. Numb to the emotions of mortals and pulled by the very threads of their soulful connections, Orona continues to bury her long forgotten feelings; feelings of love and hate, passion of both good and evil intent, but mostly her harbored disdain for the very demon that cursed her to experience emotions through that of others and never having it for herself, the man who she swore she would love till the end of her existence, Seid.

Each time she completes a task, Orona basks in the feelings she absorbs from her charges before catching a new thread to her next mission; she never in a thousand years could fathom seeing the face of man she loved and hated with equal fervor again…

This book both confused and enlightened me. I loved the way Orona passed through time and how despite her curse she came to know love again. When she was brought to save the spider-thin thread of Lissa (the beautiful but empty showgirl) and Cain (her long-lost lover’s dopple-ganger), Orona struggles with new found feelings for a man that she could never be with. Cain knew something was different about this exotic woman with golden hair and rainbow colored eyes…and he felt incredibly connected to her.

“It’s like I’ve been asleep all my life,” he whispered,” but when I saw you, I woke up.”

Throughout the story, Orona becomes more mortal than she has been in over a millennia with her feelings and even though her newfound jealousy wants Cain to be with her, she knows there is only one man that she can ever be with; the one who both loved and cursed her. It’s been over 1000 years since she’s felt his presence; and after her task is completed she goes back to where everything started…but can she ever know true love for herself again, or at least a little peace?

“Love is ever changing, just like us. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s not so good but in the end if you have each other to lean on you can keep the love growing and not just love them but keep being in love with them.” – Beth

Keeping love alive in any relationship can be difficult when faced with the challenges these people do during the story. I love the way the author made a tangible, visible thread for me to envision and grab hold of. Orona is amazing both as an ethereal being and a woman, I instantly fell in love with her strength and unselfishness. She has a genuine curiosity about modern life and such passion about the love lives she saves. And Cain…yum. Just yum. He is everything a man should be: strong, sensitive, handsome, hard-working, and just an all-around good guy. The way their story along with the rest of it unfolds has a wonderful message conveyed and beautifully delivered. This book is unlike anything I have read. It was an intriguing tale of love, loss and lessons in both.

**4 Curse Breaking Stars**