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2013 Reading Challenge
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Waiting on Forever - Ashley Wilcox Review—Waiting on Forever by Ashley Wilcox

“’Wait, you’re part of orientation?’ I ask the nerdy girl that has been taking picture after picture…”

Matthew Jacobs is a jock who meets photography major Leah Bennett for the first time at college orientation. He’s cute and she’s trying not to be interested, after all, boys like Matt go for girls who have more air than brains in their heads, not girls like Leah. Except Matt sees different; he sees a beautiful girl who doesn’t take ish from anyone, a girl who is smart and different—a challenge!

“It’s been two months since Matt and I met at orientation and up until this week our relationship has been strictly online friends…this is Matt we’re talking about. Tall, brown hair, hazel eye, muscular, hot, sexy, makes my skin tingle, heart throb, Matt.”

Challenge accepted and conquered!

No matter what Leah tried to tell herself, she knew Matt was different…and he wants her. She never thought it was possible and now she not only has been his friend but now, *gasp* his girlfriend—when did that happen?

“I stand there frozen, watching him dig through his drawers and thinking about all that has changed in such a short period of time. I’m no longer a loner. I’m hopelessly in love and have gone from a total prude to a raging nympho. I’m loving my new life and have no plans of ever turning back.”

To say this was just a story of young love would be wrong. Yes, it’s a love story, a rather awesome one, but there’s more. The way these two people come together is typical of college life but what brought them to that college at the same time is what makes this anything but your typical “boy meets girl” story. I really enjoyed how Matt & Leah’s relationship developed. I also loved how they came to be the individuals they are; each with their respective pasts. Yes, I cried. Yes, I laughed out loud—Leah is hilarious and snarky! At the end I felt good and was completely satisfied. That is this book, a feel-good, satisfying read and I look forward to more from Ms. Wilcox.

Definitely Worth **4** Swoontastic Stars!