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When I'm not performing my duties as a mother, wife, trainer, taxi-driver, tutor, or chef, I read. I have a foul mouth (which I try to filter--but most of the time, fail), and I love to write. 

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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Vanessa has completed her goal of reading 102 books in 2013!
Wrecked - Alyssa Rose Ivy Emily is a young woman with a lot on her plate. Estranged from her dying father and trying to repay old debts left behind by her late husband, Em is barely able to care for herself...but she's a nurse and saving lives is what she does, even if she doesn't agree with the circumstances that bring patients to her ICU.

"I set aside the chart and turned back to him. 'What in the world possessed you to drink and drive like that?'" --Emily

Jake is a has-been drunk. One too many drinks after admitting fault in trying to break up his brother's relationship, leaves him with a collapsed lung and in a medically induced coma, intubated in the ICU. In and out of consciousness, a constant vision comes to him, a green-eyed angel sent to save Jake from himself...never did he think she was real, or that he could and would save her too.

"'We're both broken people looking for a safe place to land. Maybe this time we've actually found solid ground.'"

This story seemed to both fly by and creep along at the same time for me. I understood once I finished why the author rushed things; there are many layers to both characters. Emily has baggage, tons of it. Because of everything she has going on, she is emotionally all over the place. Jake has his own demons to deal with and the strain brought forward in his family relationships puts him both over the edge and onto the straight and narrow.
The way Emily and Jake come together could be realistic...but I am a little more old-fashioned and the swiftness of their relationship just didn't feel right to me. Now, it's not to say I didn't enjoy the story & in a perfect world, all men could & would immediately change themselves to fit in a woman's life; just maybe not to this extreme. Overall, this was a very easy and engaging read, I kept turning pages because I wanted to see if everything worked out. Despite some of the heavy topics, this is a perfect "forget-the-world" kind of read...complete with happily ever after.

**I give this book an easy-yet-fast-paced 3.5 stars.**