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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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Claim Me - J. Kenner "You Nikki. You in my arms. You burned into my memory. You, drawing me in deep. Keeping me, claiming me." --Damien Stark

Ummmm...yeah. This book was just as hot as the first. Damien Stark & Nikki Fairchild have the best/worst relationship ever. Both have secrets, both have demons, and both want to share their life and love with the other. Thinking about how far they have come as individuals as well as a couple is amazing and how the story weaves in and out of their own heads, all the while keeping you guessing as to what happens next around them is superb. J. Kenner tells a beautifully twisted tale of shadowed pasts and buried secrets...the use of secondary characters to tie the story together was fantastic. I'm still curious to find out more about Lisa....

So, now the breakdown, hopefully spoiler-free: Nikki wants Damien, Damien wants Nikki. Games are played, both in and out of the bedroom. Scandals are forged and secrets revealed...everyone gets hurt (some ways more delicious than others) and the desires of getting ahead and getting off almost go hand-in-well-experienced-hand. The twists in the plot had me turning pages nonstop, in hopes of finding just ONE MORE tidbit of information Mr. Stark was willing to finally share! When he finally "tells all", I SIGHED IN RELIEF!! I actually sighed...it could've been so much worse or not, and I think this twist was a perfect knot in the storyline. What can I say, I love a heroine that loves her hero, which brings me to the characters themselves...

I love the chemistry between Nikki and Damien. They have an easy banter and an instant magnetism that draws not just them together, but the reader in. I also enjoyed how Blaine, Evelyn, Jamie, and even Ollie play into the lives of both Damien and Nikki. Despite how the characters interact with each other (which was perfect for how the story seems to be playing out), I do hope to see more from them and hopefully how they will tie up our power couple or unravel them completely (no pun intended). :-)

So, now what? Now, I wait patiently for the last of the Stark Trilogy...I cannot wait to see what happens next!!