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2013 Reading Challenge
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Don't Forget to Remember Me

Don't Forget to Remember Me - Kahlen Aymes “What was she doing here? I pulled her engagement ring off of my finger and rolled it around in my hand with the bracelet. Please, God. I’ll do anything. Anything!”

Ryan is crawling out of his skin in anguish over Julia. She came to see him but not the way either of them expected. What started as a wonderful surprise turned tragic when Julia suffers severe injury from an accident in route to the hospital. Not knowing whether she’ll live or die, Ryan is powerless and completely grief-stricken. When given news of Julia’s condition, Ryan is both elated and heartbroken…she’s alive…but something is not right. Julia has no memory of Ryan or their life together.

“What if she never remembers me? I don’t know what I’ll do if…” “She will honey. You’re unforgettable.” “Oh, yeah? Who told you that?” I asked softly, trying to blink back the tears that suddenly burned my eyes. “Julia.”

What’s a man to do when the love of his life doesn’t remember him or their life together? He starts over. Ryan is determined to help Julia remember the journey they started together; first as friends and then as lovers with plans of marriage. Julia gets to experience falling in love with Ryan all over again. As bits and pieces of their former life come back to her, Julia learns to not just to remember the feelings she’s had, but feel them.

“Ryan, I want you to touch me. You make me…” She stopped, and squeezed my thigh, bringing her head up to meet my eyes. “I want…I mean, when I’m near you I’m just…” Her lids dropped halfway down and her mouth parted. I could see the same desire in her face that I’d seen a thousand times. I knew exactly what she was trying to say even though she was struggling with the words. “I’m just…” “Fucking vibrating?” I asked with a groan. “Yes.”

Falling in love the second time posed some challenges but Ryan never gave up on the primal connection he shares with Julia; even if he had to fight dirty to win her over. Julia belongs with Ryan and he does everything in his power to remind her, except tell her about her; that’s something she has to do all on her own. Frustrations run high because it feels like they are holding back when they have come so far before the accident, but Ryan won’t risk losing her memory of them forever; so he follows the rules. Julia sees things differently…

“Ryan…can you please try to see things differently, just for a second? I got two first times with you…to fall in love with you twice, and experience it all over again with you, so please don’t be sad. I’m happy.”

And happy they are. Julia finds her way back to Ryan in every sense, moving forward with their plans of forever.

“Forever will never be long enough to love you…never long enough for this.”

The continuation of Ryan & Julia’s story pulls on my heartstrings. It is a beautiful tale of two people working to find their way back to what they know. I loved this book just as much as the first and look forward to what is in store for them in book three! Don’t Forget to Remember Me will stay with me forever.

**5 Falling Twice as Hard Stars**